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Protection Detailing

Protection Detailing

The protection detail is designed to strip your vehicle's paintwork of all foreign deposits and add lasting protection and shine.

Small Cars £119
Medium Cars £129
Large Cars £139

Click here for vehicles sizes.

Approximately 5 hours

The protection detail is designed to strip your vehicle's paintwork of all foreign deposits that have built up over the years and leave your vehicles paintwork as smooth as glass and free from contaminants such as tree sap, paint over spray, raildust, concrete splatter and other commonly found pollutants from within our atmosphere.

A fresh coat of premium sealant is then applied to the body work that gives long lasting shine and protection from everyday use providing a barrier between your cars paintwork and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day including Acid Rain, Bird Lime and Road Salts.

Protection Detailing
Exterior treatments included
  • Pre power wash rinse
  • Vehicle snow foamed and left for 5 minutes to loosen dirt
  • Tar and Iron spots removed from paintwork
  • Hand washed using bodywork de-tox
  • Wheels scrubbed with acid free wheel cleaner
  • Wheel arches cleaned and degreased
  • Fuel filler point cleaned
  • Wiper blades cleaned
  • Vehicle rinsed
  • Bodywork completely dried
  • Bonded contaminants removed from paintwork using clay bars
  • Full hand polish to reduce minor swirls and light scratches
  • A hard Carnuba Wax is now applied to paintwork for extreme protection
  • Paintwork buffed to a mirror finish
  • Exterior windows polished
  • Exterior windows dressed with rain repellent (lasts upto two months)
  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Alloy wheels polished and sealed
  • Tyres dressed with our long lasting tyre gel
  • Door and boot sills cleaned and degreased and protected
  • Exhaust tip polished and protected
  • Add an additional layer of our Carnuba Wax for £20 for extra protection and deeper gloss
  • Upgrade to our Enduro Shield rain repellent treatment for all exterior glass and mirrors for only an extra £25 (lasts upto 12 months)
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed for an additional £10
Interior treatments included
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Boot vacuumed
  • Rear seats lifted and vacuumed
  • Seat runners cleaned
  • Interior windows cleaned using anti mist spray
  • All mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Rubbish removed and ashtrays emptied
  • Dashboard, centre console and door plastics dusted, cleaned, dressed and protected
  • Fully deodorised
  • Spare tyre bay cleaned
  • Spare tyre dressed
  • Window tops cleaned
  • All ashtrays washed
  • Rubber mats cleaned and dressed
  • Leather cleaned, conditioned, protected and carpets deep cleaned from only £20
  • Carpets, seats, mats, head liners, parcel shelf and boot area shampooed from only £20
  • Add our Fabric Protection Treatment for the discounted price of £25